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We create global infrastructure that will allow to use cryptocurrencies as means of payment. Our goal is millions of Silvar Coin virtual terminals installed and functioning around the world. Silvar Coin makes it simple for merchants and service providers to become a part of growing cryptocurrency economy and attract new clients.

Silvar Coin is designed for

Retail Business

Ideal for retail, allowing you to expand the ways of accepting payments in your store and attract the cryptocurrency holders

eCommerce Stores

Effective for e-commerce, works with the most popular cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other)

In-app payments

It’s necessary for companies that use mobile applications
Allow cryptocurrency holders to use cryptocurrency as a mean of payment
Help merchants accept any traded cryptocurrencies with zero transaction fees
Minimize the risk of cryptocurrency volatility for merchants by allowing them to exchange it for fiat money in real time
Why Silvar Coin
Traditional payment solutions like bank transfers and payments with banking cards have significant drawbacks: high
commission rates up to 7%, time-consuming money transfer to the bank account. More over, they are centralized.
It creates threats of blockings and defaults. Silvar Coin solves all these problems!
Any merchant installs a payment platform on PC, tablet, mobile phone or on PoS terminal. Installation is simple and does not require special knowledge. It can be used also via web-service.
Registration and
After installation it is necessary to register and pass a simple authentication procedure
and payment
In a few clicks the merchant creates an invoice that a consumer pays for with the help of his wallet with a 2% commission of the purchase amount
Exchange of
for fiat money
After confirmation of payment a real-time exchange of cryptocurrency takes place. All merchants are insured against the volatility of the exchange rate
of funds
The merchant quickly receives the fiat money at his bank account and continues to develop his business
No expenses for installation, maintenance and payment for transactions
No banks and intermediaries. Only your client and you. There are no boundaries. All payments are made within minutes
Cryptocurrency gets into a cold electronic multi-cryptocurrency wallet. All funds belong only to the merchant

Silvar Coin Additional services

Silvar Coin platform is designed to create an ecosystem for implementation of various financial and non-financial services.
Also it makes a base for usage of Silvar Coin tokens.
Businesses and their customers will be able to use the additional services created around Silvar Coin payment gate.


The wallet accepts multiple cryptocurrencies

Own reputation system

The higher the reputation of the merchant, the more clients received

Bonus program

The program created by merchants and available for buyers through their Silvar Coin wallet

Warranty receipts

Scanning via QR-code to confirm and record the detailed transaction history

Accounting system integration

Bridging Silvar Coin directly with third party accounting software enabling easier account keeping

Silvar Coin Token Sale
Key information about the up coming token sale

Key Information Summary
Total Supply:
Open Date:
01 December 2017
Price Phase 1:
$0.24 SIL
Price Phase 2:
$0.36 SIL
Price Phase 3:
$0.48 SIL
Price Phase 4:
$0.60 SIL
Minimum Transaction:
0.1 ETH
Token discount structure

Token discounts will be awarded based on supply that is sold. As more tokens are distributed, the discounts will decrease. To make sure you receive the highest bonus, you should try to contribute as early as possible.

The full discount structure is defined below:


Phase Supply Sold Rate Bonus % Phase Duration
Phase 1 30000000 $ 0.24 15% 1 Dec 17 - 15 Dec 17
Phase 2 30000000 $ 0.36 10% 16 Dec 17 - 31 Dec 17
Phase 3 20000000 $ 0.48 5% 1 Jan 18 - 15 Jan 18
Phase 4 12400000 $ 0.60 No Discount 16 Jan 18 - 31 Jan 18

After ICO ends our coin Listed on HITBTC And YoBit

Sponsorship Bonus:

Sponsor get 10% of token via purchase by his direct distributors

Instant card load
Just a second and your card is loaded from SilvarCoin Wallet. Save time and use your card right away.
Pay online without any obstacles
Every online product or service is available to you with SilvarCoin Card, due to plastic cards wide acceptance.
Make purchases offline easily as well
Pay with SilvarCoin Card at retail stores boldly wherever you see the plastic card acceptance mark.


Who We Are
Founders​ ​/​ ​Foundation​ ​Council

Ronald Paul

Co-founder, Сhairman of the board of directors

19 years is successfully engaged in business. He created projects in retail and service sectors from scratch. Successful entrepreneur since 1998. Venture investor. The founder of the blockchain laboratory Consensus Lab, the blockchain school, the blockchain hackathon, etc. In Silvar Coin project is actively engaged in attracting investment, building a team and business processes

Mary Linda

Co-founder, member of the board of directors

Deep experience in payment gateway system and forex business since 2005 IT and web-development expert, Asian market specialist. Engaged in business of electronic money transfer, payment gateway and management helping accept electronic global payments and mitigate chargebacks, fraud, save time and costs and maximize profits

Ruth Mark

Co-founder, CEO

Graduated from Florida International University, School of Business Administration, Finance. Holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Kozminski University. 10 years of experience in company's operational and financial management. Participated in structuring and conducting the sale of companies to investors

Garcia Hall

Co-founder, CTO

Programmer. Education: Minsk College of Entrepreneurship, Information Systems and Technologies in Economics of BSUIR. Organization and participation in various projects in the National Bank of Belarus settlement center: automated cash-processing system, inter-bank information exchange system, implementation of blockchain technology in banking operations


Marco Oesch

Federal Certificate in Computer Science

Marco’s track record includes more than 15 years’ of continuous success working as lead developer and software architect in major financial institutions.
As lead developer for UBS, Marco was responsible for the creation of varied different web-based solutions, including CRM, Advisor and Intermediary Workbench.

Mario Colombo

BSc Business & Management HSG

Mario has over 8 years of experience in communications, web development and digital marketing, obtained whilst working for the largest online marketing agency in Switzerland. Here he was responsible for product development and the delivery of an automation solution for dashboards and reporting.

How to invest in SilvarCoin

  1. First you have to go to the Silvar Coin website:
  2. Then you need to copy the address for crowdsale on the main page of the website:
  3. Go to your MyEtherWallet (if you don't have a wallet, you need to create one first).

  4. In your wallet you have to specify the amount for investment, gas limit should be no less than 200000 and then you click on "generate transaction"

  5. You have succesfuly invested !

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